Thursday, June 26, 2008

Hackers and Hollywood: Best Presentation Award

As I mentioned in a previous posting, I had a paper at the 3rd International Conference for Internet Technology and Secured Transactions whose title is "Hackers and Hollywood: Considering Filmic Cyberthreats in Security Risk Analysis". It was well received by the international audience of Computer Security researchers, and was presented with the Best Presentation Award at the conference dinner yesterday. This was a totally unexpected surprise for me, I authored the paper to discuss a small issue in the process of undertaking risk analysis in computer security policies, and definitely didn't imagine it was going win an award.

I guess the fact that the paper was about movies helped in its appeal a lot, everyone in the audience had familiarity with some of the movies mentioned and the issues being discussed were relatively straightforward, that said, to have a group of lecturers present you with an award for giving the best lecture of the conference is a real honour and makes me think that I must be doing something right. The presentation (without video clips) is available below;
Hackers and Hollywood

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Web 2.0: Tag Clouds

Just looking at tag clouds (or weighted lists) to see if they could be useful as a teaching tool. A tag cloud is set of related tags with the size of each tag corresponding to its frequency. Typical tag clouds have between 50-100 tags. Also, sometimes tag clouds can be interactive, the tags can be hyperlinks allowing the user to drill down on the data.

I am working on creating tag clouds from my lecture notes to see what the most commonly used words in my lectures are, and compare them to my idea of what I think I am emphasising in my lectures, to see if there is any kind of conceptual drift.

Some interesting examples of tag clouds include;