Friday, July 17, 2009

Things I do on my summer holidays

Here are a few work-related things I do over the summer holidays;

  • Development of new courses and subjects, to address market needs, and new technologies and methodologies,
  • Research, including designing experiments, writing code, interviews, survey, etc.
  • Recruitment which can be meeting and interviewing potential students and production of promotional materials,
  • Liasing with Industry and government bodies,
  • Writing research papers,
  • Dealing with student appeals and cases of unfair practice,
  • Supervising postgraduate students,
  • Applying for research funding,
  • Helping organise conferences,
  • Reviewing journal papers and drafts of student dissertations,
  • Helping students revise for repeat exams,
  • Teaching in partner insititutes,
  • Development of teaching and assessment materials for next year (so I typically teach 4 courses in Semester 1 and 4 in Semester 2, and rarely get the same courses two years in a row. It typically takes me 2-3 hours to prepare an hour of lecturing for an undergraduate course, and 5-6 hours for a Masters course (you can't exactly make this stuff up on the spot), and as it happens for next year I am going to be teaching subjects on four different Masters courses, so I'm going to have to be working at least 9-5 for a lot of the summer).

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